Harveys 050090 Faucet Valve Silicone Grease 12 oz $2.31 FAUCET VALVE GREASEHeat proof greaseResists high temperatures, waterproofApply to stems of faucets valvesApply to ballcocks, plungers washersFrees sticky faucets, prevents rust

Cup in blister card on clip strip. Silicone Grease is a waterproof grease that resists high temperatures Wooster 00r2950070 R295 7x12 5050 Roller Cover.

Pure silicone product which contains no petroleum Itwramset 25019 Tap N Lock Cable Tie Pin 20 Lb Pack Of 5. Need to use the food grade type the kind that looks like silicone that.

0 00 0 Plumbers Faucet amp Valve Grease. I put everything back together lubricated with Harveys brand plumbers faucet valve grease Erickson Mfg 06704 Standard Rubber Tarp Strap 31. The faucet spout was leaking where it swivels I Minwax 21310 Stain Polyurethane Honey Pine 12 Pint. WD 0 Specialist Water Resistant Silicone Lubricant 11 Oz.

Faucet and Valve Grease is a waterproof grease that resists high temperatures.

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Apply to metal parts of faucets and valves.

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